The pickup report helps to analyse the prices at which bookings were picked up for a stay date. The report has two tabs:

  1. Summary Sheet - Aggregates by the booking date
  2. Detailed Sheet - Details of each booking

Few Terms Explained

Avg Daily Amount (Detailed Sheet)
This is the average amount earned for a stay date. For example, if a booking of $1600 with 3 nights, the Avg Daily Amount will be $533.3 (1600/3).

Avg Daily Revenue (Summary Sheet)
This column sums the Avg Daily Amount of all bookings for a booking date.

BAR Level (Detailed & Summary Sheet)
This column shows the base rate/ BAR (Best Available Rate)  at which the booking took place.

Rate plans or room types come in empty when mappings between RMS and CM are out of sync. For more help on mappings or to fix them, please contact 

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