The booking analytics report can be found under the Analytics menu. Or click on this link.

On download, use the Download with Bar option and the downloaded sheet will have a column called Bar Price which can be used to verify if you've received the booking at the correct price from the OTA.

Bar Price is essentially the price pushed from the channel manager to the OTA.

Consider the below example:

  • Channel Manager is configured to sync rates without taxes. So the Bar Price in this example will not include taxes

The total amount here is the rate at which the booking was received. Now, if I have synced a rate of 18200 with the OTA, we should receive the booking at (18200 + 28% Taxes = 23296). And we have received the booking that this rate. So there is no discrepancy.

In the second row here, we should get a booking at 26368 (20600 + 28% Taxes). However the booking has been received at 22413. Compare both rates without taxes, 

  • Price synced from channel manager - 20600 (this is without tax)
  • Price at which booking is received  - 17510 (22413 - 4903)

The difference is of 3090, which is 15% discount on 20600. A promotion of 15% has been running on the OTA which is not captured in the Bar Price. Hence there is no discrepancy here as well. 

This feature is in beta and under testing. There could be cases where the the price may fetch incorrectly and should be used for reference only.

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