Managing settings for Channel Manager

The left sidebar shows all the setting menus. It is grouped under four headers- Channels, Rooms, Rates, PMS, More.


Channel Credentials

Add or edit channels from the channel credentials page


Create Room

On creating the room here, it will appear under Room Relations.

Room Relations

Fetch existing configurations on the OTA and map rooms here.


Set Parent Room

The "Set Parent Room" button will open a popup to update room relations.


Rate Plans

Now Rate plans can be viewed in settings page with slight modifications in view like displaying the rate plan id along with the name

Price Relations

Price relations can also be viewed in settings page.

PMS Credentials

Add or edit PMS from PMS credentials

Update: Showing the connected PMS and on clicking “Show More Channels” displaying the remaining PMS


Other settings include- Comments, Email Preferences, Content & Property Setup, Pricing Configuration, and Product Extra Details…

Current Currency is moved to “Product Extra Details” tab

Actions, Bookings, Inventory, Price, Connectivity, RP Status, Alerts links will be shown upon clicking the “Go To” on the right side

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