Step 1

OTA activation. Each of the OTA/ channel has difference activation process.  We need to get this done, only then will we be able to connect the hotel to the OTA. 

  1. : API switch is available on the extranet.  Please select for channel Manager Partner as ‘AxisRooms’.  
  2. Agoda – You need to send out email to with Agoda property id and Channel Manager Partner name as ‘AxisRooms’ requesting them to enable. Once you get a reply, you may start the mapping. 
  3. Expedia – API switch is available on expedia extranet.  Please select for channel Manager partner as ’AxisRooms’
  4. Ostrovok : Send activation email to : , with Ostrovok Property id and Channel Manager partner as AxisRooms. 
  5. Airbnb – Since the listing is done through our system, we don’t need any activation, Send an email to

** Without activation, you will not be able to map to OTA

Step 2

Settings page: Enter the OTA credentials and property id. 

Step 3

Currency configuration.  Currency of the property and the currency at the OTA. 

Step 4

Room relation: Most of the rooms should be primary, unless you have any secondary room for the same category. 

For eg : Sometimes in Agoda, Deluxe Single and Deluxe Double is created as two different category of rooms, where in on the other OTA, it is created as Deluxe room with single and double as occupancy.  In this case you can set Deluxe Double as primary room and deluxe single as secondary room, so the inventory is shared.

Step 5

Room mapping (this mapping is between, Channel  Manager rooms and OTA room )

Step 6

Set Price Relation – Specify the price that the hotel would like to update on the OTA.  It could be Sell rate, net rate or sell inclusive.  Most of the time, it is Sell rate.  You will find two price type – AxisRooms and OTA push. AxisRooms – is the price type that the hotel could like to update and OTA push is the price type that is set on the OTA extranet. 

**If you set is wrong, the prices will go wrong. Be careful, while updating this.

Step 7

Fetch Configuration (Fetch all the rate plan related to that particular Room for specific OTA) 

Step 8

Rate plan Mapping: Map OTA rate plan with the Channel Manager Rate plans.

Step 9

Please update price and inventory from channel manager. 

Mapping is completed. 

Note : All support related / onboarding emails to be addressed to 

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