Push Notifications is to notify the user (Support,Supplier,Supplier Admin) about
   1.Confirmed Bookings.
   2.Modified Bookings.
   3.Cancelled Bookings.

1.Steps to the Notifications

     1.1.Login to supplier/supplier admin account and you will see the notifications icon at the right bottom corner as shown in the below image.

    1.2.Subscribe to notifications by clicking on the icon,you will get the browser confirmation you should allow browser to get the notifications
      if the browser is private or notifications is off in your browser then you cannot get the notifications 


    1.3.After subscribing we get the confirmation text in tooltip from then you will receive the notifications.

    1.4.The notifications that are subscribed is for the specific browser and the system,user will receive the notifications if user system is on irrespective of user login to the application.

Note:if user wants to get the notifications to different system or browser,

They need to login and subscribe.

2.Screenshots of Notifications

     2.1.Confirmed Bookings

   2.2.Modified Bookings

2.3.Cancelled Bookings

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