With the latest update, you can now create promotions inside the Channel Manager and sync it with the supported OTAs.

You'll find a new OTA Promotions in the quick links menu. Once you're into the Promotions page, you'll see an option to create a promo.

Clicking on the + Create  button will allow you to define the promotion. Here you'll be asked to enter four fields

  • Promotion Name
  • Discount Type (Note: Only "Cleartrip" supports FLAT discount type)
  • Dates - Booking & Check-in dates & DaysApplicable on
  • Rooms & Rate plans for which the promotion will be applicable
  • OTAs on which you want to display the promotion

Basedon OTA selection the corresponding Room with Rate plan details will be dispalying on the Room/Rate plan section.


If we select the single OTA, Only connected Rooms with Rate plan details will be dispaly for that OTA.

If we select the multiple OTA combination, The commonly connected Room with Rate plan details will be display.

On creating the promotion, the promotion will move to pending state where a request would be sent to the OTAs to create the promotion. On successful confirmation from the OTA, the status would be changed on the respective OTAs.

There could be cases where the creation of the promotion may fail. In such cases, a message will appear on the reason for the failure. And an option to retry the creation will appear. 

To modify the promotion, use the delete button to delete/deactivate the promotion on the OTA and create a new one


Which OTAs are supported?

Currently we are supporting three OTAs, Booking , Cleartrip & Travelguru.

Which Promotion types are supported?

On the OTAs, each OTA supports multiple promotion type - Last Minute or Early Bird. However, at the moment, we support only Basic Promotion type. 

Support for more OTAs and promotion types coming soon!

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