Hi Team

We’re introducing an update to the inventory & price calendar. It includes:

New Navigation
Switch quickly between Price or Inventory view.

Advanced Toolbar

Preview prices on all OTAs in one place and toggle advanced settings to download reports or multi-update.

View logs 

View recent price and inventory logs

OTA Specific Prices

Change price for a specific OTA from the price dropdown (Only available if Price Sync is disabled)

Works with BAR Pricing

Now BAR pricing can be used when Price Sync is disabled. OTAs can be updated with different BAR rates.

Update log:

  • New Navigation to toggle between Price & Inventory
  • Preview Price on all OTAs
  • Download Inventory & Price reports
  • View Price and Inventory Logs
  • View Update time in logs and ability to search keywords
  • Support for BAR Price when Price Sync is disabled
  • Multi Update supports Increase/Decrease Price 
  • New advanced multi-update option to update multiple rate plans 
  • Fixed an issue where BAR update may not work correctly
  • Classic light theme
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