We have updated our Airbnb API, and following are the changes:

  1. Real Time Sync: Now sync on Airbnb will be on real time instead of 60 minutes which we had set before. Changes done from AxisRooms system would be reflected on Airbnb instantly.

   2. Representatory Inventory: Now no need to create multiple listings of same room type. Suppose there is a listing of standard room and on a specific day we have 5 standard rooms available. Now guests can book that listing 5 times to book 5 standard rooms. This feature is only available through channel connection, it's not available if you direclty list on Airbnb.

  3. New Listing Fields: Booking Settings field added

                                      Guest Controls

                            Listing Expections for guests

                           Instant Book Welcome Message

                             Guest Check-in Option

  4. Import Existing Listings: Now we can easily import any Airbnb listing which is already live on Airbnb but not channel connected, which makes onboarding process less time taking.

 5. Airbnb Price Relation: Now we can set the price relation at Chain and property level with customize options.

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