Airbnb charges two types of commission on booking:

  1. Host Service Fees (3%)
  2. Guest Service Fees (0-20%)

Airbnb charges additional 0-20% from the guest on top of the price we push from AxisRooms. Hence, we push by default  -15% (less) of Sell Rate to Airbnb to ensure price parity with other OTA's and your takeaway (Net Rate) amount remains almost same. If you don't want default (-15%), you can let us know and we can push either the same price or any customize option you want to push.

Below is the explanation of (-15%) default price:

Let's take a case:

Room configuration of above deluxe room listing is double occupancy. (Screenshot of AxisRooms Airbnb listing screens)

Sell Rate of Deluxe Room is Rs 2200  on 25th May for double occupancy. (Screenshot of AxisRooms CM)

AxisRooms is pushing 2200* (-15%) = 1870 Rs to Airbnb

Airbnb is charging additional 12.5% (Rs 234.22 ) from guest on top of Rs 1870  pushed by AxisRooms (Screenshot of Airbnb)

After addition of GST (Occupancy Taxes) guest is paying total Rs 2328.62  for 25th May stay at Deluxe Room.

Host will get payout of 1870* (-3%) =  Rs 1814  from Airbnb. 3% host commision is deducted by Airbnb as mentioned earlier.

Regarding GST: Please ensure that you update the CGST and SGST number in your Airbnb profile. Airbnb has now started paying out GST along with gross earnings. Airbnb is no longer paying GST once a month - Its per booking now (If the host has correctly entered CGST + SGST)
Airbnb will be remitting taxes on behalf of hosts who have not provided their GST registration number.
You can find more details here Guidance on GST for India Hosts


  1. Price for only room configuration's occupancy is pushed to Airbnb. For eg in this case if guest is booking for 3 or more people then total amount will depend on Max Accommodate & Extra Person Price on Airbnb (Airbnb static listing content)
  2. Suppose on any date there is no price on AxisRooms and availability is there, booking will happen at base listing price which is part of static content while creating listing.
  3. Bookings on Airbnb are pre-paid, Airbnb releases the amount to host 24 hours post check-in. It takes additional  3-4 business days for that amount to credit into Indian bank account.

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